How CanadaQBank can Help you Ace your AMC CAT Exam

The Australian Medical Council CAT exam is a computer-based 3.5-hour multiple choice exam consisting of 150 questions that can be taken in authorized centers worldwide. The AMC CAT exam is used to evaluate your understanding of medical situations you’ll face in real-world scenarios. The pass mark for your AMC exam is 250, and it costs $2720 to apply.

The 150 type-A questions are focused on 30% Adult Health medicine, 20% adult health surgery, 12.5% women’s health (OBY and GYN), 12.5% child health, 12.5% mental health, and 12.5% population health. You are expected to answer all questions to help assess your understanding of each field accurately. If you do not answer all questions, your result will be recorded as a fail – insufficient data to obtain the result.

Requirements to Write the AMC CAT Exam

  1. You must have a degree in a school in the World Directory of Medical Schools.
  2. For foreign students, ensure your degree has been verified by the EFCMG International Credential Services (EICS).

Passing your AMC CAT exam is a must if you intend to practice medicine in Australia. CanadaQbank can help you prepare for success and nothing else with our data-driven compilation of over 3500 multiple-choice AMC CAT practice questions to help you ace your AMC CAT exam.

Tips for Acing your AMC CAT Exam

Knowing what and what not to do during your AMC CAT exam preparation is key to being successful. To avoid mistakes that can cost you time and money, read the following sections carefully.

Start Preparing Early

Your best chance of passing the AMC CAT exam is when you start your preparations early. It is advisable to start preparing for your AMC CAT exam six months before your exam date. This will give you sufficient time to gather all useful resources, create a plan that works for you, and cover all the vital materials you’ll need to review before your exam.

Luckily, the Australian Medical Council has made exam dates flexible by allowing them to be taken on multiple dates within a month. Ensure you pick a date ahead of time to give you enough time needed to prepare for your exam. Try not to procrastinate in choosing your exam date, the sooner you pick a date, the more motivated you will be to start studying for the exam.

Use Clinical Rotations to your Advantage

You will find the most commonly asked questions during the Australian Medical Council CAT exam are, “What is the appropriate diagnosis?” and “What is the next best test?” rather than “What is the parasitic makeup of the genome of the most likely causative bacteria?”

Combined study and clinical rotations have proven to be vital to passing the AMC CAT exam due to knowledge recency. This involves making associations between your patients, their disease processes, and your resources, such as CanadaQBank MCQs.

If you’re not working currently, there’s no need to worry; you can consider the following options.

Talk to family and friends working in hospitals and ask them if they can connect you with someone in charge with whom you can obtain an extended clinical observership. Spending a day every week in the general practice or emergency section of the hospital can go a long way and bolster your learning ability significantly.

To update your recency of practice, try to go back and enroll for more clinical practice.

With enough qualifications, you can also enroll for employment in other medical roles, such as nursing. This will help you gain the closeup experience needed to make comparisons in your resources.

Being involved in patient treatments while studying gives you a better understanding of the concept, making it easier for you to remember.

Incorporate Study Time During Clinical Breaks

While your memory is still fresh from medical cases you’ve attended, using your free time during clinical to study and compare medical issues you’ve seen during the day to what is in your resources is key. Make sure you’re not studying during working hours.

How Long should you Study for the AMC CAT Exam?

This is highly dependent on how recently you’ve been involved in clinical rotations and your schedule. If you’ve not been involved in clinical rotations for a long time, it is best to take 6-8 months to prepare for the exam. If your knowledge isn’t recent and your schedule doesn’t allow for long dedicated study periods, then it is advisable that you take more time to prepare.

However, four months of preparation is ideal for you if you are in the finals of your medical school and you’re still engaged in core clinical medical rotations.

What are the Best Resources for your AMC CAT exam?

The first mistake you’ll make is using too many resources to prepare for your AMC CAT exam.

Many students think that the more resources they can lay their hands on, the better, but that is a dangerous misconception because you won’t be able to study the vital resources you need comprehensively. Instead, you’ll find yourself dabbling in so many resources without fully grasping any.

Choose three or four high-quality resources and begin. That being said, here are vital resources you’ll need to ace your AMC CAT exam.


  1. Official AMC handbooks
  2. John Murtagh’s General Practice
  3. CanadaQBank question bank.

How CanadaQBank can help you ace your AMC CAT exam

We have compiled over 3500 questions for you to practice with on the go. Each question covers a topic from the curriculum making sure you cover all the courses in the AMC exam.

Explore the option to challenge yourself by taking the test in timed mode, which allows you to compare your results with other users.

We understand it may have been a while since you practiced, so you can always move between difficulty levels to take you from rusty to sharp in no time.

At CanadaQBank, we go hard or go home, which is why we guarantee success in your exams or three months of free access to our resources if we fail to keep our promise.


The AMC CAT exam is not a walk in the park, but with adequate preparation and the right resources, you’ll ace it in one go. Start early, choose high-quality resources, and practice with CanadaQBank question bank to guarantee the best results.


Good luck!