Tips on How to Pass the AMC CAT Examination

The Australian Medical Council Computer Adaptive Test, or AMC CAT, is one of the most difficult examinations any aspiring doctor will ever take. The exam consists of 150 tough multiple-choice questions administered over the course of three and a half hours. Students often start preparing months or even a year in advance to give themselves an advantage. The following tips are those that come most recommended from those who have passed.

Start Studying Early & Access the AMC’s Preparation Info

By far, the best advice for passing the AMC CAT involves preparing early on – up to a year in advance of the exam itself. The Australian Medical Council has produced some publications to help you better understand the process and the best ways to prepare, and the earlier you access these, the better off you will be. The AMC even provides its own MCQ Online Trial Examination designed to help you familiarize yourself with the question and exam format.

Stay Healthy

Medical students work very hard during their time in university and medical school, and many simply forget to take care of themselves along the way. It is absolutely vital that you remember to eat a balanced, healthy diet, to stay hydrated at all times, and to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep eat night. Remember that you need to be healthy and rested in order to retain information, so taking care of yourself is important.

Utilize a Variety of Study Methods

Another important tip directly from those who have successfully completed the AMC CAT involves utilizing numerous different study methods over the course of several months. For example, reading textbooks and taking notes is important, but it simply isn’t enough to help you retain all the information you need. Be sure to group up with other students to quiz each other, make yourself some flash cards for terminology, and access an online study tool, such as CanadaQBank, to put your knowledge to the test regularly. Studying via all these different formats will help you retain more information over time than using any one of them alone.

Take Recall Exams

Finally, one of the most popular means of preparing for the AMC CAT examination involves taking recall exams from the last several years. These are available from the Australian Medical Council, and they provide you with the absolute best opportunity to truly familiarize yourself with the exam format and the types of questions you will be asked. Dedicating several hours each week to this will benefit you. Aim to take the last five years’ worth of exams, and if you can, perhaps even the last 10.

Passing the AMC CAT examination is about preparing early on, studying in the right ways, and taking care of yourself and your health throughout the process. Though it is a very difficult examination, it is possible to pass on your very first attempt if you dedicate your time and energy to learning as much as you possibly can during your classroom studies, labs, clinicals, and study sessions.