Can You Use an AMC CAT Question Bank to Create Your Own Mock Exam?

The Australian Medical Council Computer Adaptive Test, or AMC CAT, is a multiple-choice examination given to individuals who wish to become licensed to practice medicine in Australia. It’s a rigorous and difficult exam, and students spend months or even years preparing for it. Below, you can learn more about utilizing an AMC CAT question bank to create your own mock exam for practice.

What is an AMC CAT Qbank?

An AMC CAT qbank is a set of questions delivered via an electronic platform that is designed to closely mimic the questions found on the actual exam. In many cases, these questions have been pulled from previous years’ AMC CAT examinations, and in others, they are written by medical professionals – including those who have written questions for the examination in the past. These questions are balanced across every topic found on the AMC CAT, and they are designed to be a terrific study aid that can help students determine whether they are prepared for their licensing examinations.

What is a Mock Exam?

A mock exam is different from an AMC CAT qbank because it’s designed to closely mimic the environment and delivery of the multiple-choice questions that students find on the real examination. Not only does this test their knowledge, but it also tests their ability to recall information under the pressure of time constraints, which can be nerve-wracking to say the least. Mock exams are typically the same number of questions given in the same amount of time as the real exam, and they can be taken over and over again until the student feels confident in his or her ability to pass.

Making a Mock Exam from a Qbank

Though qbanks and mock exams are different study aids, it is entirely possible to use a high-quality question bank platform like CanadaQBank to create your own mock exam for the AMC CAT. CanadaQBank’s numerous features make it an outstanding study tool that goes far beyond just asking questions. It offers two unique modes of study, note-taking features, and the ability to choose question banks for the AMC CAT based on the topic. Using these features, students can create their own mock exam in just a few steps:

  1. Answer a series of random questions in the software. Students can adjust the difficulty and topics from which these questions are pulled, as well.
  2. Review the questions that were missed. Once the questions have been answered, students can review their answers and find detailed explanations for their incorrect selections.
  3. Leave notes in the missed questions. Here, students can type their own notes, which may include a resource to study for the correct answer.
  4. Move missed questions to “My Questions”. This will make it easier for students to come back and study only the questions they struggled with later.
  5. Make a mock exam. Once students feel confident with their studies, they can create an average to difficult mock exam by choosing the appropriate number of questions and the appropriate amount of time.

As you can see, when you have access to the right platform and the right features, you can not only access your AMC CAT qbank as needed, but you can use it to create your own personalized mock examination, too. Over time, you will feel more confident in your knowledge, and you’ll be able to pass the licensure exam.

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