How do I Know if I am Eligible for the MCCQE Part 1 Exam?

As a foreign medical graduate looking to leave your home country, there are a couple of questions you’d love to have answered. Questions like, am I eligible to sit for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part 1?

Your concerns are not invalid, and in this article, we will address some of those questions and concerns about your eligibility status regarding the MCCQE Part 1 Exams.

What is an MCCQE Part 1 exam?

The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part 1 is an assessment designed to evaluate whether a candidate’s competency in clinical decision-making and critical medical knowledge is on par with the level of a Canadian medical student completing their degree.

After graduating and passing Part 1 of the MCCQE, candidates usually begin supervised practice.

For anyone hoping to practice medicine in Canada, passing the MCCQE Part 1 exam is crucial. The majority of jurisdictions require passing this exam in order to gain a medical license. It proves your ability and readiness to offer patients high-quality medical care. Furthermore, a high score on the MCCQE Part 1 can improve your residency application and provide access to a range of professional options within the Canadian healthcare system.

The MCCQE Part 1 is administered at the conclusion of medical school because it is the national benchmark for medical schools across Canada, in addition to the formal accreditation processes of the undergraduate and postgraduate education programs.

We will share the requirements for the exams as well as tips needed for you to succeed in the MCCQE Part 1 Examinations.

Eligibility and Requirement for the MCCQE Part 1 Examinations

The MCCQE Part 1 Examination is undoubtedly a daunting task for most medical students and a step towards a successful career. However, there are a few criteria to be met.

You must have graduated from or be a student who is projected to graduate from one of the following to be eligible to apply for the MCCQE Part 1 Examinations:

  • A medical school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and designated as an approved medical school in Canada by a Canadian Sponsor.
  • An accredited United States School of Osteopathic Medicine recognized by the American Osteopathic Association.
  • A medical school recognized by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS).

Candidates who meet the requirements can schedule their exams once their data has been processed.

Which Candidate is eligible to write the MCCQE Part 1 Examination?

There are various reasons why Foreign medical graduates or international physicians would love to join the Canadian medical workforce.

One of the reasons is that Canada is perceived as home to many of the world’s top medical and research facilities. Canada provides high-quality residency and fellowship programs to Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) or International physicians. Additionally, the government subsidizes these programs, making them affordable and available compared to other countries.

Moreover, Canada provides updates in medical advancement and technology, hence making the job of the physician easy.

The responsibility of creating eligibility criteria lies with The Medical Council of Canada. The requirement for writing the MCCQE Part 1 Examination includes possessing a medical degree or working towards having one from a recognized and accredited medical institution. Candidates are also required to be state citizens or possess a Canadian permanent green card.

The eligibility criteria include:

  1. Proving that you are either a Canadian citizen or you possess a permanent green card
  2. Graduating from an accredited medical school

These requirements will help the Medical Council of Canada select only qualified candidates without the fear of any candidate’s educational background or Visa protocols.

When do I apply for the MCCQE Part 1 Examination?

There is no specific time to apply, and as a matter of fact, medical students in Canada have the luxury of applying anytime, either as medical students or graduates, as required by the Medical Council of Canada.

How to apply for my MCCQE Part 1 Exams

If you are a medical student or graduate within Canada, here are the steps you need to follow for a successful application:

  • Once you log in to your account, select Examinations from the main menu.
  • Click Apply for an exam.
  • Subsequently, complete the application and pay the MCCQE Part 1 application fee.
  • Finally, send a Certified Identity Confirmation form and a certified copy of an acceptable identity document to the MCC via email ([email protected]), and you will receive a message in your account confirming that your documents were received.

For Foreign Medical Graduates

It is essential to know if your medical institution is among the accredited schools. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to apply:

  • Go into your account on
  • From the main menu, select Examinations. Next, select Apply for an Exam.
  • To submit your application, follow the instructions in your account.
  • Pay the entire application fee for MCCQE Part 1.
  • Once you have prepared your documents according to the guidelines, submit the following files to ([email protected]) at the MCC:
  • A certified copy of a valid identification document, a Certified identification Confirmation form, and an Attestation Form for Students.

A notice confirming the receipt of your papers will be sent to you through your account. It is also noteworthy that not more than four weeks will be required to process your documents, and when it has been processed, you get to schedule your Exam date.


You can apply for test accommodation for the MCCQE Part 1 if you have a documented functional restriction and an accompanying accommodation need. It should be noted that exam applications requesting test accommodations may take up to nine weeks to process, provided that all eligibility conditions are met and all necessary supporting evidence is received.


The tips mentioned above give you an insight into what you need to know about your eligibility status and information regarding the eligibility criteria for the MCCQE Part 1 exams with the aim of helping you succeed as you progress in your career. Certain sites like CanadaQBank can help you with a comprehensive question bank while also simulating practical questions and scenarios prior to the exams, allowing you to understand the underlying concepts.

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