What is the SMLE Exam?

The SMLE Exam (Saudi Medical Licensing Exam) is necessary for doctors that want to legally practice medicine in Saudi Arabia, either as a specialist or general practitioner. Also, this exam is vital if one wants to do a health-related post-graduate degree in Saudi Arabia. This exam can be taken in Saudi Arabia or several other countries. If you take the exam in Saudi, you will need the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to give you an eligibility number (SCFHS Exam). However, if the exam is taken outside Saudi, you will not need additional requirements. The SMLE exam is different for general practitioners and the various medical specialties.

The SMLE is not a difficult exam to pass, provided you put in the work. However, it is important to aim for a high score because the higher you get, the higher your chance of getting a better job.

CanadaQBank is here to walk you through the registration process, application requirements, and how to excel in the exam

Requirements To Apply for the SMLE Exam

  • Firstly, before you apply, you must either already have an MBBS/MD degree from a recognized institution, be at most one year away from graduation, or be starting an internship.
  • You also need at least one year of experience post house job before you can write the exam.
  • An original degree certificate.
  • Certificate of registration issued by the Saudi authority.
  • Transcript of your qualification.
  • An Iqama copy if you are staying inside Saudi Arabia. This is to prove that you are either legally employed or attached to one who is.
  • A current sponsor identification letter. This is used if you are dependent in Saudi, under an employer, or came on a visa.

How To Schedule and Write The exam

The steps for applying for the exam are as follows:

1. Submit all your necessary documents to DataFlow Group for verification. This website is the verification partner for the Saudi Commission. You will have to submit your original degree certificate, complete work experience, and other relevant documents. After this, you will receive an issue verification report. This entire process will take around 2 to 8 weeks. Other requirements include a letter of employment from your past employer (this is necessary for specialties), educational credentials, completed SCFHC form, Resume, Iqama Passport, and application fee.

2. After this is complete, you will have to create an account in Mumaris Plus. This website is the unified portal for health practitioners in Saudi. Here, you can update your personal data and apply for an eligibility number, classification, and registration services. After creating your account on the portal, you will have to upload your document again—documents such as your transcript, original degree certificate, and Iqama copy. You will pay 1,100 riyals to complete your application at this stage and move further.

Once payment is complete, they will issue you an eligibility numberin an email to write the exam. Visit the Prometric website to schedule your exam date using this eligibility number.

3. Go to the Prometric website and choose the SMLE exam. Type in your eligibility number and the first four letters of your surname. Then schedule your date. The fee for this will be 280 dollars.

Note that you have three attempts to write this exam per year for those writing the exam outside Saudi. For those writing it in Saudi, it is three times in 6 months.

It is advised to complete your visa before applying for this examination.

What does the SMLE Exam Entail

This exam consists of 300 multiple choice questions that include up to 20 pilot

questions. These pilot questions are generally not scored. The SMLE exam is a six-hour examination with scheduled breaks. It is divided into three sections of 100 questions, each with a time allocation of 120 minutes for each part. These MCQs have four options from which the candidate will choose the best answer. If you are doing SMLE for General Practice, the MCQs will have questions from internal medicine, ophthalmology, gynecology & obstetrics, surgery, statistics, pediatrics, and psychiatry.

There are two scheduled breaks between sections 1 and 2 and sections 2 and 3. The total time for breaks is 45 minutes. However, you can divide these breaks based on your preference.

The examination contains questions that test your knowledge of medical facts and questions with scenarios that test other skills like analysis, interpretation, problem solving, decision-making, and reasoning.

During the exam, you will be continuously monitored by video, physical walk-throughs, and the observation window during your test. You must have a valid and acceptable ID (Saudi ID, Resident ID, or Passport). Your exam schedule is printed out at the examination hall and presented at the registration desk.

Also, any clothing or jewelry items allowed to be worn in the test room must remain on your person at all times. Removed clothing or jewelry items must be stored in your locker. You must arrive 30 minutes after the scheduled time; if not, you will not be allowed to enter the test centers, and the session will be considered a “No Show”. Then, you will then have to reschedule. Furthermore, you cannot leave the examination hall before thirty minutes have elapsed.

Preparing for your exam

Preparing for your examination is the most important part of passing. You have to make sure you have covered as much as you can. We at CanadaQBank are here for you. We have 4488 of the best simulated MCQs covering different SMLE topics.

Our answers all have detailed explanations to help you understand better. These tests give you the feel of exam situations because you can choose the timed mode. You can also select the specific categories you want to be assessed in; you can tailor your reading.

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