The Best Ways to Get Ready for Your USMLE Step 1 Exam Day

No matter how smart you are, even the most composed medical students get anxious before the USMLE Step 1 exam. The majority of people complete two or three years of education prior to taking the test. However, it’s not an easy one. Your knowledge of medicine is assessed on the USMLE Step 1 exam, and the findings are crucial in deciding the kinds of careers and residency programs you can pursue.

After sleepless nights coupled with months of studying, there is a question most medical students ask prior to a step 1 USMLE test day: “How do I prepare for a step 1 USMLE test day?”. Well, your answer is right here. In this article, we will discuss most of the very much-needed tips you need while preparing for your step 1 USMLE test day.

Test Accommodations

In the early stages of planning for your USMLE step 1 test, what you need to look out for prior to the test is whether you do need certain accommodations. It could be learning, medical disabilities, or disadvantages that might warrant this accommodation. If you need one, you need to go through the guidelines provided on the USMLE site and plan ahead of the test.

What kind of studying should you do prior to your step 1 USMLE test day?

This is a recurring question that most people prepping to write the step 1 USMLE test ask prior to the exams. Well, months before the exams, it is expected that most candidates have a study schedule that will help them stay on the right track.

  • It is important to take practice test questions and maintain a digital study journal where you record the questions you miss. When you reach those sections of your medical coursework, go to your online study log and make a note of where you most need assistance. You can use sites such as Canadaqbank to access practice questions.
  • Focus on what you don’t know. Inasmuch as you need to hold the information you are competent in, avoid devoting a lot of time to areas in which you already possess confidence. Go back each week using your digital study journal to see what still needs improvement. Till you’ve also mastered those areas, devote time to them.
  • Using your mnemonics, this simple trick can help you a long way; by using the first letter of every word, you can create codes that will help you memorize places, things, and people easily.

Create a plan for your breaks.

Before exam day, make a plan for your breaks. Recall that the exam will last eight hours, divided into seven blocks. Your breaks will last for a total of one hour. So, arrange them in a way that suits you the best, or simply organize your breaks in advance of the test day.


Plan for the day of the USMLE Step 1 exam by figuring out your transit plan. When you leave your house or apartment, try to time your departure for when traffic and public transportation are at their busiest. Examine the parking situation and determine whether using a garage or lot will cost you money. Schedules for public transportation vary according to one’s location. Verify whether the buses or trains will arrive at your testing location in time.

Make sure you get to the testing location at least half an hour before the exam. If you intend to drive yourself to the testing site, it’s worth looking into alternate routes. This will enable you to adjust to unanticipated mishaps, construction, and other circumstances.

What you ought to do a day before your step 1 USMLE test

Early Journey

If you have to travel to a different place to take the exam, attempt to arrive early on the day before. The last thing you want is to arrive late and find out there was a problem with your registration right before your exam and have to make last-minute changes to your sleeping arrangements. Always remember that “it’s the early birds that get the worms,” so the earlier, the better.

Eat Properly

It’s important to eat well and properly. So, eat foods that your body system can tolerate. Also, it is not advisable to attempt anything new the day before your USMLE Step 1 exam. In particular, avoid consuming too much coffee. During their USMLE exam preparation, medical students frequently consider what nutritious foods are best to eat.

A well-balanced diet rich in whole grains, protein, and fruits and vegetables is the quick answer to this question. It is also advisable that you avoid spicy foods as well as any food that can interfere with your regular digestion.

Gather everything you’ll need the day before for USMLE Step 1 test

Your scheduling permit and a valid photo ID from the government are essential. You have a copy with you on test day. Make sure to prepare those items the day before and store them in a location you will remember to retrieve them before you depart.

You can also get your snacks and medications should you need them.


Cramming at the last minute always sounds like a smart plan. But you also need to know when to put down the flashcards and call it a night. You could miss your alarm or feel sleepy on the USMLE Step 1 exam if you stay up late or sleep later than usual.

To perform to the best of your ability on the USMLE Step 1 exam, you must be in outstanding physical and mental health. It follows that you ought to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. The USMLE Step 1 test is broken up into many one-hour time slots. Getting enough sleep guarantees that you’ll be focused and able to complete the exam questions in the allotted time.


These tips will help you organize yourself and plan ahead of time so your exams can be a success. You can also add a personal program to help improve your physical and mental shape prior to the exams. It is essential that you consider using CanadaQBank as a helpful study partner as you embark on your adventure to ace the USMLE Step 1 exams. You can successfully prepare for the exam and attain your desired result by adhering to these tips and your approach to your specific needs.

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