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Here at CanadaQBank, we not only provide a host of text-based online resources to students who are enrolled in various medical courses in countries such as Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the US and UK; the company has now branched out into providing a range of online tutorial videos that can be accessed by grade 7 to 12 students who participate in the mathematics competitions of Canada and the US.

An Extensive Range of Valuable Information

Our CanadaMath YouTube channel consists of several tutorial videos that provide information for grade 7 to 12 students who participate in the following Canadian-based math contents:

  • The Grade 7 and 8 Gauss math contests
  • The Grade 9 Pascal math contest
  • The Grade 10 Cayley math contest
  • The Grade 11 Fermat math contest
  • The Grade 12 Euclid math contest

Students who participate in the following US-based math contests can also benefit extensively from these video tutorials:

  • The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8 for Grade 8
  • The AMC for Grade 10
  • The AMC for Grade 12

Hundreds of thousands of students from around the world take part in these contests each year, and excelling in this critical subject will open several doors of opportunity for students to enter career fields such as:

  • Accounting
  • Various medical fields
  • Computer programming
  • Several engineering fields
  • Teaching positions
  • Working laboratories and performing research
  • Different banking and financial positions
  • Many other fields of employment and positions where excellent mathematical skills will be required

Topics in the videos that can be accessed by the grade 7 to 12 math students include examples of the various questions they can expect to encounter during the competition events, allowing them to revise and practice as much as possible beforehand. This will enable them to be well-prepared and take part in any of the above-mentioned contests with total confidence.





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