Timed vs. Tutor Mode: Which Option is Best for You?

CanadaQBank’s amazing platform gives medical and engineering students access to thousands of expertly-written questions for numerous exams, allowing them the opportunity to study at their own pace and on their own time any way they choose. The software also offers both timed and tutor modes, both of which offer unique benefits. Learn more about each one below so you can determine which mode is right for you.

Timed Mode

With timed mode, you are given a very specific amount of time to answer various questions from the topics you choose. This can really put the pressure on and make it feel as if you are taking the real exam. If you want to see how you can perform under pressure, then timed mode is the best choice. Just select it from the “Create Test” tab of the software and get started. When you finish, you can not only see the number of questions you answered correctly, but you can also compare your performance with the performance of others using the same question banks.

Tutor Mode

You can also choose tutor mode for a more laid-back study session that gives you ample opportunity to think about questions, look up information, or simply take a break if you need to do so. Tutor mode is ideal for taking notes as you go through the topics you choose, and if you miss a question, the tutor mode will show you the correct answer and explain to you why that answer is the right one. It is truly the only software of its kind, and it provides students with one of the most valuable study tools in their arsenal.

Master One Topic at a Time

Medical licensing and placement exams are packed with questions and topics that often leave students feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Only CanadaQBank offers the Study Topic feature, which allows you to choose a topic within your examination to focus on for as long as you would like. For the MCCEE, for example, you can first choose a broader subject, such as medicine, and then choose a narrow topic, such as alcohol abuse indicators or acute angle closure glaucoma. This allows you to reinforce topics you have already learned, but it gives you an even better opportunity to study topics that you may be struggling with.

Available by Subscription

If you are interested in trying CanadaQBank’s software for your medical or engineering exam, you won’t have to pay an exorbitant upfront fee to get started. In fact, you can pay a low monthly subscription fee specifically designed to meet the average student’s budget, and there are no long-term contracts. Just create your account by entering your email, name, location, and level of training, then follow the directions on the screen.

Licensing and placement tests are undeniably tough, and studying for them may leave you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to you. CanadaQBank allows you to slow things down to your own pace with its timed and tutor modes, and you can even master one topic at a time as you see fit.

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