How Strong Number Skills will Benefit Math Olympiad Contestants

Having excellent numerical skills is something that will be highly beneficial for any students who intend entering a math Olympiad or competition because it will provide them with an edge over the rest of the entrants. However, math contests will not be the only time that they will see any benefit from being good with numbers. Below are some other ways that students will benefit throughout their lives from possession strong math skills.

Stand a Higher Chance of Obtaining First Place

The most obvious benefit that students with strong number skills will enjoy when entering an Olympiad is that it will give them a distinct advantage over other contestants that may have a weaker grasp on math in general – giving them an ideal opportunity to obtain first place.

Improve Problem-solving Skills

As students grow up and leave school, the problem-solving skills they have used to excel in math competitions will go a long way in helping them when they enter the working world. These critical thinking skills will be especially valuable for students who aspire to become doctors, analysts, scientists, accountants, legal professionals, educators and even project managers.

Build Confidence

Confidence is another life skill that is crucial for everyone to have when they start climbing the career ladder, and students who have excelled in math Olympiads will certainly excel in this area. Confident students become adults who will not only be comfortable making crucial or life-changing decisions; they will also not be afraid to try something new in the workplace either.

Preparing Students for a Mathematics Competition

 1. Gather all Required Material

When entering an American math competition; students will be informed ahead of time regarding the content that they must familiarize themselves with. This will allow them to obtain the right study material and start working on it as soon as possible.

2. Study Smart, not Hard

Study time should be planned carefully to ensure that sufficient practice, revision and mock tests can be completed. In many cases, it’s possible to obtain information regarding questions that were asked in previous contests – this allows students to see the types of questions they can expect.

Many of today’s math students learn better through the use of online videos and tutorials, and CanadaMath’s YouTube channel provides the perfect one-stop resource for math Olympiad entrants. Content on this channel covers several popular math competitions including the Grade 7 and 8 Gauss, Grade 9 Pascal, Grade 10 Cayley, Grade 11 Fermat, Grade 12 Euclid and the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) for Grades 8, 10 and 12.

Students who take advantage of the content on Canadamath’s YouTube channel can study and practice from anywhere that internet is available, allowing them to make the best possible use of their time. Several videos are available that cover contest material from as far back as 1997, providing students with an extensive amount of practice material to prepare them for any Olympiad or math competition they intend entering.

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