Rachel Machin

Canadian Champion in Track and Field
CanadaQBank.com Sponsored Athlete
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In her own words:

1) Early Life

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I lived with my family in Oakville, Ontario until I was 3 when my dad was transferred out to Calgary for work. We love Calgary and haven't looked back! I went to Cardinal Newman School where I attended grades K-9, and tried out many sports along the way. Gymnastics, Swimming, Soccer, Badminton, Wrestling and Horseback riding were some of the prominent ones. It sounds ridiculous, but I had never really heard of track and field until Grade 9. My Gym teachers at the time Mr. Brown and Mrs. Tomiyama, suggested that I give it a try since I had taken a liking to the high jump, and that's where it all started! If not for them I wouldn't even be in track and field today.

2) Teenage years and High School

I went to Bishop O'Byrne Senior High School. Here I mainly stuck with Track and Field, but also competed for the Badminton team (and the odd dodge ball tournament). Coached by Duncan Margach, I was able to attend the World Youth Championships in 2009 in Bressanone, Italy for High Jump. This is where my International Track Career began, and deepened my love of the sport. I became an assistant coach for my high school team while I was still in school, and later would come back while in university to coach as well. City and Provincial championships for high school track were always a great opportunity to compete with the best in the city as well as the province. I can't thank the volunteers school career.

3) University Years

I started University in September 2010, and originally was intending of going to an American university. My current coach, Les Gramantik, convinced me otherwise. So I have been attending the University of Calgary and have been a proud 'Dino' for the past 4 years and am currently going into my 5th and final year as a Dino. In 2013 the Women's team won the CanWest and Canadian University (CIS) National Championship Banners, which hadn't been done since 2007. In the same year I was named the Canadian University (CIS) Female athlete of the meet, as well as the Dinos Women's Athlete of the Year. It was an amazing year, but with the team we have this year I believe it can be topped ;). I was named the Women's Team Captain in September 2013 and am looking forward to another year with the title. It's a privilege to be able to lead such an amazing team both talent and character wise.

4) Athletic goals

Currently my athletic goal is to make as many national teams as possible between now and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Once it comes down to the final day of qualifying, I am aiming to compete at my absolute best in hopes of acquiring a place on the Canadian Olympic Team to represent my country on the highest international stage.

5) Academic goals

I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce with a concentration in Human Resources in Winter 2015. I have been an Academic All-Canadian all 4 years of my degree and aim to continue this into my final 3 semesters.

6) Career goals

I am hoping to attain a placement within my degree in either the Sport or Travel industries. Preferably in Calgary while I am still training, however if not training, who knows where I'll end up!

7) Athletic achievements

Canadian University (CIS) Female Performer of the Meet - 2013
Dinos Female Athlete of the Year - 2013
Canadian University (CIS) Pentathlon Champion - 2014
Canadian University (CIS) HJ Champion - 2013
Canadian University (CIS) LJ Champion - 2013
Canadian University (CIS) 2nd in Pentathlon and 60m Hurdles - 2013
Dinos Record Holder in Womens High Jump, and Long Jump
5th at the NACAC U-23 Championships in High Jump -2012
Ranked #1 in Canada for High Jump for all of 2013

Teams that I have made:
2009 - World Youth Championships (16-17 yrs)
2011 - Pan Am Junior Championships (18-19 yrs)
2012 - NACAC U-23 Championships
2013 - Pan Am Combined Events Cup
2013 - Woerden Combined Events Invitational - Holland
2014 - NACAC U-23 Championships
2014 - Woerden Combined Events Invitational - Holland

8) Acknowledgments

I can't say thank you enough to my Coach Les Gramantik. He has done so much to shape me as an athlete and competitor both physically and mentally. He is so dedicated to his athletes and it makes us want to work so much harder for him each and every day. He is a coach, a mentor, good friend, and part of our training group 'family'. Everything he does for us, (or makes us do against our will to do 300m repeats) has a very specific meaning or reason behind it, and I can't wait to see where the next few years take us.

My family has always been there to support me throughout all levels of my competition career. A favourite story of mine is when I was going to World Youth in 2009, the company my dad worked for wasn't allowing anyone to take time off as they were in the middle of a merger and basically if you left you might lose your job. So for my first international competition my dad wasn't going to be there. My mum was coming over to Italy to watch me, which was incredible in itself that she would put so much money and time towards supporting me on my athletic journey. But what was particularly amazing was about 3 days before I competed, my mum and I were headed out to sightsee and she stopped by the team hotel. She was knocking on my door telling me to 'hurry up' so we could leave. When I opened the door, who was standing there? My dad. I couldn't believe he had just up and left to come and watch me jump. (He did keep his job don't worry!). This story just goes to show how much love and support I get from my family and without them, it would be pretty tough to be at the level I am today.

Finally, my sponsor, CanadaQBank. You have made so many things possible this past year from crucial physio and massage treatments, to enabling me to pay for flights to gain international competition experience necessary to develop and grow as an athlete and competitor. I no longer have to work as many hours on top of University and National level training, which allows me to focus more on my sport and everything required in order for me to perform at my best. Your help has allowed me to Raise the Bar and aim higher and higher in my athletic endeavors. I can't thank you enough for being so absolutely incredible as another supporting factor in my athletic career, and I'm proud to wear the CanadaQBank logo and share all that you have to offer with Canadian students on the medical path!

Rachel Machin