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Apr 15th, 2014       I am a physician from Pakistan with postgraduate training in Obstetrics & Gynecology. I used Canada ...     Read More
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Institutional Subscriptions
CanadaQBank® offers institutional discounts for access to our online question banks. We offer subscriptions to all institutions, including: Licensing Authorities and Colleges, Medical Schools, Medical Colleges, Medical Libraries, Residency Programs, Teaching Hospitals, Associations/Federations/Societies/Councils/Organizations.
Why CanadaQBank

CanadaQBank® is very User friendly. It is fully web-based. There are no heavy books and students access the system immediately from any computer with internet access.
Our QBanks contain the very best and most specific questions and cases for the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) exams.
We have built a strong reputation since launching our website in 2008, as an excellent web-based test preparation service for the MCC licensing exams.
We offer a complete service for anyone preparing for the MCC exams with QBanks for the MCCEE, MCCQE Part 1 and MCCQE Part 2, discussion Forum, Facebook group, bi-monthly newsletters, demo Videos, FAQ Section, latest Features, Careers for question/case developers and user Testimonials.
We are always improving and expanding. Our future projects include: Mock Tests (actual full length exams), new Exam User Interface, Developer Portal for content writers, Videos and Mobile Apps with these Videos for all CQB exams and Interactive Textbooks created with iBooks Author app software.
Benefits of Institutional Subscriptions

Significant reduction in pricing for your members and unlimited usage of our services
Reports showing activity of your members
Unique portal for your institution
Quick and easy set-up for your institution which only requires a few days to complete
IP and email authentication at no extra charge
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CanadaQBank® is very proud to provide institutional subscriptions to the following Institutions: