Here’s Why CanadaQBank Has the Best Question Bank for the AMC CAT

question bank amc cat

The AMC CAT is an important first step in receiving your license to practice medicine in Australia. This is a multiple-choice exam that consists of 150 questions, and of these, 120 are scored. Each question is weighted in such a way that students can score from 0 to 500 total points on the test, and in order to pass, you will need a score of 250 or higher. CanadaQBank’s AMC CAT question bank is by far the best way to study and pass the exam the first time. Here’s why.

The Biggest Selection of Questions

Many of today’s AMC CAT question banks are relatively small, which means they don’t contain enough questions to truly help you study effectively. CanadaQBank’s AMC CAT question bank consists of more than 3300 multiple-choice questions – more than 22 times the number of questions on the actual exam! With this huge selection, you can rest assured that CanadaQBank will help you cover the full spectrum of knowledge so that you are better prepared on exam day.

Quality Formatting, Writing, and Accuracy

Another important consideration when it comes to choosing the best AMC CAT question bank is the actual quality of the questions. Are there grammatical or spelling errors that may cause confusion? Are the questions themselves written in such a way that you can understand exactly what is being asked? Are they formatted to accurately simulate the questions you’ll find on the AMC CAT? These are the things CanadaQBank takes into consideration when adding new questions to its banks. Each of the 3300+ questions is written or reviewed by a medical expert, as well, which is important for ensuring accuracy.

Numerous Study Options

Many of today’s AMC CAT question banks give you a single study format – the mock exam style. This simply means that the software or platform will automatically generate a mock exam for you. There are few customization options if any at all, and while the software may show you which questions you answered incorrectly, it may not show you the correct answers. If it does show you the correct answer, it isn’t likely to explain why the given answer is correct. This is another area where CanadaQBank is different. Not only will you see which questions you missed, but you’ll also get a detailed explanation. You can also choose from timed and tutor modes as you see fit. Timed modes are like mock exams, but tutor modes let you pick and choose what and how you study.

Affordable Subscription Format

Finally, if you still need a reason to choose CanadaQBank’s AMC CAT question bank over others that are available to you, take a look at the cost. Most of today’s well-known question banks come with exorbitant fees. They are one-time purchases of several hundred dollars that just don’t fit most medical students’ budgets. With CanadaQBank, you only pay for what you use. You don’t have to buy the entire platform; instead, you pay a single subscription fee to access the AMC CAT question bank for as long as you want to access it. When you’ve passed the test, you can cancel the subscription. The monthly fee is incredibly affordable in comparison, which makes it ideal for tight med student budgets.

CanadaQBank has worked hard to provide medical students with access to the best, most highly customizable, and most affordable AMC CAT question banks in existence. Since the virtual doors opened in 2008, CanadaQBank has been dedicated to giving medical students around the world access with powerful study tools that fit their needs and budget.