The Benefits of Timed and Tutor Modes in Test Prep Software

Since the internet became widespread, medical students have relied on mock exams and question banks to help them study for their exams. However, while simply answering questions can help students to a degree, the ability to switch back and forth between timed and tutor modes in test prep software is ideal. Here’s what you should know.

Timed vs. Tutor Mode: What’s the Difference?

A “timed” mode is like a sudden death challenge. It requires you to answer as many questions as you can correctly within a very specific amount of time. This puts the pressure on and requires you to think quickly and make snap decisions, which is a great way to prepare yourself not only for a medical exam, but for a medical career in general. With timed modes, you can even compete and challenge yourself against others, then see how you performed when compared to your competitors.

“Tutor” mode, on the other hand, allows you the opportunity to answer questions at your own pace. You can study up to 50 topics at once, or you can focus on only one topic. During tutor mode, you can take your own notes, save questions to come back to later, and simply use the question banks as you see fit with no pressure, no competition, and access to a variety of helpful features.

When to Use Timed Mode

Timed mode is best reserved for topics and areas that you feel comfortable with. You can really challenge yourself with this mode. Often, students who believe they have mastered the content within a topic or group of topics find that they maybe could have spent a little more time studying. Because the timed mode gives you access to the questions you missed, you can go back and study any areas that seem to be giving you trouble, and you can see how other people fared when they answered the same number of questions as you within the same timeframe.

When to Use Tutor Mode

Whereas timed mode is best for students who feel as if they have mastered a topic, tutor mode is for students who are familiarizing themselves with the content and who want to learn more. There are no time limits here, so you can feel free to study at your very own pace, even if one question leads to hours of research in books and videos. Tutor mode allows you to take your own notes, so if you need a reminder as to the context of a question or the definition of a word, you can feel free to leave it in the notes. What’s more, you can choose which questions you want to answer and which you want to avoid, allowing you to completely customize your experience.

Using timed and tutor modes appropriately in test prep software can make a huge difference in the amount of information you can learn, master, and ultimately recall when your examination date comes around. Be sure that you switch back and forth in these modes as appropriate whether you study on your computer or a mobile device.

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