Just in! 2019 Rankings for Top Canadian Medical Schools!

The results for next year’s top Canadian medical schools to attend. After twelve years in the number one spot, McGill University is now sharing their top spot with the University of Toronto. If you’re a medical student looking for the right school below is your list.

The Rankings

The schools listed range in what exact programs they offer, but all are incredibly focused on research. This means that, although they are all top ranked schools, they may not all offer the same degrees or programs, thus making different schools better for different individuals.

Why It’s Important

This listing can give current and future medical school students an idea on what school to choose for their studies, or where their current schools fall in terms of education. Choosing a great medical school is essential to future physicians. Schools should be chosen based on a variety of factors, include:

  • A solid reputation in both the academic and medical fields
  • Great student support and experience
  • Diverse offering of degrees, including specialized study areas
  • Affordability, including the potential offering of scholarships, grants, and other tuition assistance programs

1/2: McGill University/University of Toronto

The top spot is a tie between these two universities. Last year, McGill University was in first place while Toronto was in second. The student satisfaction ratings were 14 and 13, respectively. Also respectively, the reputational survey ranked them at a three and a one.

3: University of British Columbia

UBC stayed in the third spot this year. They scored a seven in student satisfaction, and a two in reputation.

4: McMaster University

McMaster rose two spots from last year, when they ranked in sixth place. This year’s reputational survey scored them a four, and student satisfaction was ranked a four on average.

5: Queen’s University

Down one spot from last year, this university ranked a two in student satisfaction and a six in reputation.

6: Alberta University

This school also dropped one place this year. They were given an eight in student satisfaction and a five in reputation.

7: Dalhousie University

Dalhousie snuck up a spot from their eighth-place last year. Students gave a rating of ten, which is also the score given on reputation.

8: Western University

Down a spot from last year, Western University scored a six in student satisfaction and a seven in reputation.

9: Ottawa University

Ottawa holds tight to its number nine spot, staying stationary for a second year running. They were given a 15 in student satisfaction and a 12 in reputation.

10: Montreal University

Last year, Montreal was just out of the top ten at spot #11. A student satisfaction score of 5 and a reputation score of 8 allowed them to climb one spot to sit in the top ten.

Runners Up:

Although they didn’t make the top ten, a few schools came very close and should still be considered among the best medical schools Canada has to offer. Calgary and Laval University’s tied for eleventh place, quickly followed by Sherbrooke University. Another tie has Manitoba and Saskatchewan sitting at fourteenth.



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